Advanced Baseball Pitching

Title: The Ultimate Guide To Advanced Pitching
Author: Steven Ellis, Chicago Cubs pitching pro
Ebook, 164 pages
Revised edition (2015)
Published in the USA by The Complete Pitcher

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Improve Your Game With Advanced Baseball Pitching Instruction On Mechanics, Drills, Strategies And More!


If you already understand the basics of pitching, you'll be ready to move on to the advanced topics covered in The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Pitching by former Chicago Cubs pitching pro Steven Ellis.

Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions will teach you the secrets and strategies that professional baseball pitchers use to put hitters away and win more games.

  • For high school and college pitchers, the advanced techniques you'll learn for improving the physical, mental and mechanical skills necessary to become a "big game" pitcher will give you an advantage over the competition.
  • Coaches and parents will discover proven and effective ways to help their pitchers reach peak performance — from analyzing hitters and making smart defensive choices, to developing more efficient pitching mechanics that directly translate into better consistency, better accuracy and better velocity.

"Simply stated, this is as close as you're gonna get to picking the brain of professional pitcher. Incredible stuff!!"

--Bob Rand, High School Coach, Florida

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The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Pitching does not repeat the basics. Rather, it is today's most essential instructional guide for pitchers and coaches who want big league instruction on the mechanics, conditioning, and psychology of advanced pitching performance.

  • Pitching mechanics to increase control, velocity, and movement.
  • Specific tips and ideas for relief pitchers and closers.
  • Pitching drills and practice tips.
  • Strategy and tactics for getting hitters out.
  • How to read batting stances (using dozens of charts and diagrams as references) and know what to throw to be successful.
  • Proper fielding techniques and situational defenses.
  • Problem recognition to keep mechanics solid.
  • Emotional management and mental toughness.
  • Throwing programs and bullpen plans to increase arm speed and stay healthy.
  • A concise and visual guide to all relevant pitching grips currently used by pros, containing 30 illustrations and how each pitch is thrown.
  • Goal-setting tips and winning strategies for greater success.
  • How to make hitters make adjustments.
  • How to quickly analyze different types of hitters.
  • Motivational stories to keep you and your pitchers going.
  • And much, much more!

Once you read this book, you will be prepared to sharpen your skills and reach your full potential on the mound, faster than you ever thought possible.

If you are serious about making it to the next level as a pitcher or helping the pitchers you coach produce better results, you should pick up a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Pitching. 164 pages, 13 sections and 150+ pictures later — you'll have everything you need to achieve your goals. If you are not satisfied, we'll refund your money 100%.

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"I've purchased your book and am so impressed that I will be recommending it at our Little League coaching clinic next week."

--Harvey Krantz, Little League Coach

"This book along with 'The Art & Science of Pitching' by Tom House simply belongs on every pitcher and coaches bookshelf. It's loaded with great tips and techniques."

--Dave Smith, parent of a college pitcher

"Nice read, talks about a ton of ideas for pitching better. I've used some of them and it's helped me gain confidence and develop a plan."

--Gary, JUCO pitcher

"This is one of the most comprehensive books on the techniques of pitching. I have coached high school baseball for five years and used Steven's philosophies with my pitching staff. If you intend to teach pitching, you should read and reference this book."

--S. Sanders, high school coach

"Easy to follow guidelines and diagrams. I especially liked his pitching strategy diagrams. He makes it simple to understand and tells the basics of pitching as only an ex-pro who has done it can. It's a great pitching instruction book."

--Nate Jackson, baseball parent

"We got it for our son's birthday. I think this is an outstanding book for Moms and Dads trying to help their kids learn the fundamentals of pitching."

--Julie Andrews

"This guide totally demystifies the strategies big leaguers use to get hitters out in various pitch counts and defensive situations. When pitching you will know what to throw rather than simply guessing."

--T.P. in Pennsylvania

"Great book! Every 15-year-old kid should read this book if they want to be a better pitcher and move up to the next level. They should re-read it every year and they'll still be learning from it at 30 years old."

--Bud Jones, grandparent and former youth coach

"Veryyyyy good information ... has both mental and physical approaches to the game! Definitely a good buy!

--Andy Rucks, Illinois

"The style of writing is like Coach Ellis is standing there talking to you which makes for an easy read. And the pitching advice is pretty thorough, leaving no stone unturned. I'd recommend it."

--Tom Blackburn, California

"I've studied many of the most noted pitching information sources (Dick Mills, Tom House, Mike Marshall and Tom Seaver). Your book is concise, thorough, and not intimidating in its presentation."

--Mark Collins, Wisconsin

"The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Pitching is a useful tool not only for players of all ages, but also for coaches at any level."

--Coach Alex Ferguson, Presentation College


Here's a look at some of the pages inside The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Pitching book:


In all, The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Pitching provides the most in-depth pitching instruction available today. All 164 pages outline everything you need to know to succeed at the highest levels of the game — the pitching mechanics, strategy, drills, grips, mental preparation and more!

It is simply the most comprehensive book on baseball pitching; if you're finally ready to achieve your personal best on the mound, pick up a copy today.

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